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By leverag tools you can generate profits by analyz the vast amounts of data your company has accumulat. This is also the reason why many companies are concern.  overview of the tools, their benefits and recommend tools. If you don’t know what is or don’t know which tool to introduce, please read to the end. What is a business intelligence tool? Tool is the abbreviation of business intelligence tool. It is a tool that aggregates, summarizes and analyzes massive amounts of data to provide support for management strategy decisions.

Take advantage of the rich

Functionality install to visualize data and data USA Telegram Number Data stor in other applications. In addition, there are two types of tools: one is the local software type that is install and us on the company’s own server, and the other is the cloud type that is us by access other companies’ servers. It is recommend that you read this article before install.

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Main functions of the tool

Materials describ user images Many tools are currently equipp with rich functions, but below we will introduce five representative functions. Data Guatemala Telegram Number List collection tools enable the collection of data stor in data warehouses. Basically the data is collect follow the follow process and us in the tool. Use tools to extract and process data stor in databases. Data is stor in data warehouses specifically for data analysis. Use tools to collect and analyze data.

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