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Listening to Audio Data You can get a general idea of the conversation by listening to the audio data before transcribing. You can transcribe sentences quickly and clearly by remembering roughly who is talking about what item. Also when listening to audio data it is recommend that the audio at 1x spe because you don’t ne to understand the details. Do not stop or rewind the audio while transcribing. If you stop or rewind the audio during the transcription process, the transcription

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efficiency will decrease.  efficient to leave Brazil Number Data notes on places that are difficult to hear or do not understand, such as unknown minutes and seconds, for later review. If your audio playback tool has a timestamp feature you can use that feature to make the transcription smoother. Improve your typing spe Another way to ruce your transcription time is to practice typing to spe up the transcription process. Especially if you learn blind touch your typing spe will increase significantly resulting in a significant ruction in transcription time.

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methods for blind touch practice. Don’t look Bolivia Phone Number List down and type first with your whole hand. Do not just use your fingers to move and always return to the original position after typing. Acceleration is achiev after remembering the finger position. Source: Computer class blind touch practice method. How do super beginners master it in one day? If you remember the finger position first and then gradually increase your typing spe, you You can perform blind touch in a short time. Introducing useful items for transcription work.

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