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In addition, since you can transcribe for up to 10 minutes per month for free, you can consider introduc a paid version after check the actual accuracy and operational feel. This is also a big attraction. From here we will explain how to transcribe us the app version. Click the button after launch the application version. Teams Live Captions click the web meet transcript button. Teams Live Caption Select the language to transcribe for your web meet. And click the Transcribe button.

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Caption takes part in web meets and automatically Finland WhatsApp Number List  transcribes them. To end automatic transcription click the Stop Record button. Team Live Caption Click the transcrib record on the home screen to view the transcription results. Team Live Caption Team Live Caption The above is the automat transcription method us the version. As long as you have a meet.Perform high-precision transcription anytime and anywhere .So its usage scenarios are very wide.  Introduc it.  If you want to know more about it, please see Reevolution.

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Transcription and conferenc Frequently. Ask Questions Here are some frequently ask questions about live caption in. See it if you have problems us live subtitles in. What is Indonesia Phone Number List Live Caption in Live Caption is a feature that automatically transcribes meet content. This is a very effective feature when a speaker speaks too fast and misses content or. When creat meet minutes. How to turn on live captions in For the desktop version you can turn on live captions dur a meet by click the More button and then click the Turn on live captions button.

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