Why collect feedback?

By asking specific questions of your users, you can gain valuable insights for your business to:

  • Measure their satisfaction and see how Why collect  to improve the customer experience.
  • Show them that you value their opinion (which strengthens the relationship of trust).
  • Find new feature ideas for your website, mobile app or services.
  • Improve your products.
  • Foster customer loyalty.

How do you deal with customer feedback?

Dealing with customer feedback correctly not only improves performance, but also boosts your turnover. How to do ?

To start, be sure to collect them in real time  Why collect  and centralize them in the same interface. We have offered you several useful tools for this in this article.

Try to prioritize feedback items and send customer ratings to each relevant department. For example, comments about the ergonomics of a website should land on your webmaster’s desk, while satisfaction surveys following contact with your support will be sent to your customer service.

Ensure the relevance of each point raised Egypt Phone Number List to take the actions inherent in improving the problems, anomalies or difficulties encountered by your users.

Our tip for collecting feedback

To choose the right feedback tool for your company and thus collect relevant opinions, think about the number of surveys you are going to send each day, how Why collect you want to send them and collect evaluations, the tools already available ( and that will need to be synchronized), as well as your budget.

Each tool has specific features, advantages and disadvantages. Take the time to gather the needs of the different departments in your company. Depending on TR Numbers  this, select the most suitable feedback management platform.

If you need help choosing and installing a feedback tool, call on a freelancer on Codeur.com!

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