How to avoid burnout when you are a freelancer?

Several small gestures can be adopted on a daily basis to ward off the prospect of burnout.As a freelancer, it is complex to define regular working hours, which are often subject to customer requests and the imperatives of a constantly changing schedule. However, it is essential to determine a framework for one’s professional activity, even in the absence of management or colleagues.

It is essential to set a time at which work tasks must be completed. From 6:30 p.m., for example, turn off your work phone and stop checking your e-mails.

This will allow you to allow yourself moments of disconnection, dedicated to your well-being or to your loved ones.

Avoid isolation

It’s easy to feel isolated as a freelancer, due to the absence of colleagues and social connections during the day.

To remedy this problem, several actions can be taken. You can :

  • register with an association dedicated to your professional activity,
  • go to afterworks,
  • or even rent an office in a shared workspace , if your budget allows it.

If your professional activity worries  Chile Phone Number List you, and you feel intense stress on a daily basis , it is also good to share these concerns with those around you, as well as with a health professional.

Learn to delegate

Have you accepted a mission that is outside your area of ​​expertise? Need to do time-consuming tasks that don’t interest you? Consider delegating!

There is no shame in admitting that you are not performing well in all disciplines… So why not relieve yourself of the missions that weigh on you?

Call on other freelancers to support you in your daily life:

  • independent accountant to be up to date with your billing,
  • virtual assistant to manage your administrative procedures,
  • web editor to publish on your blog,
  • freelance graphic designer to illustrate the website to be delivered,
  • translator to offer content in all the client’s languages
  • … the list is long !

You can find all the freelancers who will help you on all you have to do is submit a project for free to receive applications from service providers interested in working with you!

If this exercise may seem complicated at first, it just takes TR Numbers a little practice to see the benefits. Not only will your workload be reduced, but you will also broaden your professional circle and come out of your isolation somewhat.

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