What to remember to manage stress when you are a freelancer

Staying glued to your computer 12 hours a day, 7 days a week is not going to do you any good!Say yes to meals outside the lunch break, to aperitifs with your friends, to interprofessional meetings and to the traditional Sunday with the family.

It is by taking the time to decompress and by raising your head from the handlebars that you boost your productivity and creativity.

Learn to breathe

An erroneous letter from the RSI, an unhappy client, a last-minute order, a contractor who falls ill… There are many opportunities to develop high blood pressure in your freelancing life.

Learn how to manage these crises through deep breathing exercises. Welcome the news by going for a walk around the block or simply by taking a breath of fresh air on the balcony.

Take a deep breath in, then exhale sharply. Repeat as many times as necessary before working on solving the problem. You will see, you will do it much better. Plus, your heart will thank you!

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Go out

During your life as a freelancer, you will certainly encounter several scary situations, take risks and have bad experiences.

The key is to quickly find a solution to these situations to focus again on all the good reasons that led you to become independent.

Meditation, sport, and a good personal-professional life balance will allow you to better manage your sport. Once your routine is established, you will be much more serene on a daily basis!

A benevolent health mutual such as GSMC, the freelance mutual partner of Codeur.com , can also help you find a good life balance, for example by offering you  TR Numbers numerous access to health and well-being applications and services, at no additional cost.

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