What is an ERP?

As part of the digital transformation of companies, the implementation of an ERP has become a necessity.Many businesses have decided to entrust the development and implementation of their ERP to a freelance developer to help them in this crucial phase of their development.Find out what an ERP is, its different versions and existing solutions, how to create a tailor-made ERP as well as our advice for a successful creation.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or PRG

(Integrated Management Software), is a software package that companies use to manage their day-to-day business (inventory and purchasing management, risk management, accounting, supply chain, etc.). The ERP centralizes the information related to the various departments of the company and compiles the data between them in the form of a single source of information without duplication and perfectly reliable.

On cloud or on site, ERPs come in the form of integrated and complete platforms, real nervous systems of companies. These manage all  Thailand Phone Number List aspects of the business, distribution and production, while guaranteeing the clarity of your business process, with differentiated access according to services and users.

Generalist ERPs

It is an all-purpose software that will meet the overall needs of a company in a simple and efficient way. Designed to adapt to all trades, it has flexible parameters on which it is possible to play to best suit the different businesses (TPE, company, etc.).

However, if your field of activity has a large  TR Numbers number of specificities, this type of ERP is likely to be quickly limited .

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