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Did you know that you ne to submit a set of back-translations that transcribe the dialogue into audio data as evidence? In this article, we provide an easy-to-understand explanation of how to write and precautions from the outline of the re-translation and introduce examples of re-translation.  I a back translation but I don’t know how to do it. What parts to pay attention to when writ back translations If you have problems please refer to this article. What is Back Translation A transliteration is a record of a conversation that can be us as evidence in court.

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Evidence in court, you ne to submit the back translation together with the audio data, so be careful. The most important th is to include information about who  Germany WhatsApp Number List talk to whom, when and where so that even someone who knows noth can understand the content. Also please use it as a document that conveys the facts as they are and don’t just remove part of the dialogue or emphasize it us symbols such as etc. Speech data is usually obtain us a voice recorder with transcription capabilities.

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Audio recorders with transcription function, please Italy Phone Number List refer to the recommend models of audio recorders with transcription function. How to write a reverse translation and what to note From here I will explain in detail how to write a translation. the court must be written in a format that complies with court rules. The follow dimensions are us. The paper is available in vertical and horizontal formats. Insert a margin of about centimeters on the left side of the paper.

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