Our tip for finding wage portage clients

At the same time, don’t forget to update your profile on professional social networks. Your cardholders do not hesitate to consult them to determine who they are dealing with, so put the odds in your favor.

Developing Inbound Marketing

If prospecting is not your forte, but you want to highlight your business to find your future wage portage clients , then Inbound Marketing, which consists of bringing the client to you, may be the solution. .

The idea is to produce quality content visible to your target, so that they recognize you and contact you (through a newsletter, posts on social networks, blog articles, etc.), rather that you go to his contact.

Nevertheless, this method requires a real  South Korea Phone Number List marketing strategy, know-how in this area, an allocated budget and time to get conclusive returns.

Find customers on Codeurcom

You can also direct your search for a job in your sector of activity on the web, by using platforms for connecting freelancers and project leaders such as Codeur.com.

To discover current announcements and respond to calls for tenders, register on Codeur.com and create your personalized profile. You can then search for missions in your sector, apply for those that interest you by highlighting your skills and the remuneration to which you claim.

You will find a lot of assignments on a case-by-case basis, allowing you to gain experience or refine your future offers and customers to test the freelancer with a  TR Numbers view to other proposals. If the missions offered on Codeur.com are rather short missions, many missions lead to regular orders and long-term partnerships.

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