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By us the word registration function | TR Numbers

By us the word registration function

If you use a foot switch, you can use your feet to perform operations such as play and stopp audio, so that you can transcribe efficiently without tak your hands off the keyboard. Furthermore, since shortcut keys can be assign to buttons attach to the mouse such as a multi-button mouse, detail combinations of operations can be perform without any problems. If you are hav trouble with the task of transcrib it is best to use a handy item that can solve the problem.

Us the word registration function

You can enter frequently us words and Mexico Number Data sentences in yourwith just a few entries. For example since I think and thank you are often us register words so that convert them into a few letters of the alphabet will result in a significant ruction in transcription time. You can effectively transcribe words by design and register them us your own rules, such as stands for I think stands for thank you. In this way, the transcription spe of voice data will be greatly improv by ruc the number of typ times through the word registration function.

Phone Number Data

Utiliz the voice input feature

In transcription typically uses Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List a keyboard to enter characters by typ. But if you use voice input, you can quickly transcribe bas on the voice data by inputt it clearly into the microphone with your own voice. However, since it is difficult to be accurate, it should be not that you must confirm after the voice transcription. Adjust the playback spe of audio data If you speak quickly or the conversation is fast-pac due to excitement and your typ spe cannot keep up with the sound, it will be impossible to accurately transcribe.

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