Emotion Recognition Emotion Recognition

How to Join a Meeting. Title Change Click the meeting title in the box in the image below to make it itable. Title Change Press the button to confirm. The title after changing the title. Title ChangeChange Name Click the username field in the  box in the image below to enable iting. Change the name. After changing the username press Confirm username. Rename the microphone switch You can turn the microphone on and off by clicking the microphone switch switch button in the r box in the picture below.

Microphone Switch Microphone Switch

Transcription Results Display Edit Click the voice Vietnam Number Data in the user’s local audio transcription system to make it itable. Transcription result display. Editing Transcription result display Editing After changing the statement, press the key to confirm the statement. Display Editing word cloud. The word cloud function is a function that allows you to intuitively grasp the words spoken during the meeting. For example if you click on the minute in. Box in the picture belowthe notes containing the corresponding words will be highlight in.

Phone Number Data

Word Cloud Word Cloud

The emotion recognition function is a function that can intuitively grasp. Whether the speech content is positive or negative. If you click on Azerbaijan Phone Number List the emotion recognition area fram in r in the picture below. the corresponding sentence will be highlight in. Word Frequency In the Word Occurrences area you can view the number of occurrences of words that occurr during the session. To change the part of speech of a word. Click the drop-down.Box inside the  box in the image below.

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