Professional offers from traditional insurers

AXA, MAAF, MAIF… Most traditional insurers offer offers for professionals adapted to freelancers.

Often more expensive than neo-insurance, your traditional insurers may be able to offer you an attractive professional insurance contract if you are a historical client.

What is professional insurance for freelancers?

Professional liability insurance acts as a lifeline in the event of unforeseen events, errors, incidents or accidents Whether you are a computer consultant, doctor, web editor or builder, such coverage is essential.

It covers damages and financial losses related to:

  • Your equipment or that of a client;
  • To a significant loss of data ;
  • The malfunction of one of your products or services;
  • To a physical accident .

Conversely, professional insurance for freelancers does not cover:

  • Breaches, reductions or cancellations of contract;
  • The consequences of misleading advertising or unfair competition;
  • Voluntary and foreseeable delays in the delivery of a service.

Is freelance professional insurance compulsory?

The answer is simple: no.

It is not mandatory to take out professional indemnity insurance or any other professional insurance, but it is very strongly recommended .

You know the famous adage “it doesn’t just happen to others”? It is valid for your freelance activity. Even if you think you’re doing a risk-free activity, zero risk never exists . We will also see examples where such protection proves to be life-saving in the next part of this article.

There are several compulsory insurances when you have a business, such as those concerning your property (for your car, your premises or your equipment). Some  Belize Phone Number List liberal professions absolutely must take out professional liability insurance.

This is the case for professions in the medical world, for example. For these specific activities, there are specialized protection bodies, which know the risks of medical functions. Generally, these insurers also offer legal assistance.

When is professional indemnity insurance useful?

It is impossible to list all the scenarios where  TR Numbers professional insurance for freelancers can save you the day!

However, here are some concrete examples where this protection is welcome:

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