Live video, an opportunity to tell stories

2016 has been the year that live video took off, thanks to the improvement in internet speed and the omnipresence of mobile devices and their cameras. Users of social networks are increasingly demanding this type of content, which allows them to live experiences in real time from anywhere.

A milestone for live video has been the launch of Facebook Live in April of last year. This tool makes it possible for any network user to broadcast their experiences and has meant a great advance when it comes to integrating live video into our lives.

For the marketer, the possibilities of live video are almost endless . Videos connect immediately and emotionally with the user, in a much more memorable way than simple words. Use it to attract by telling stories that reflect the spirit of your brand.


5) Chatbots, the technology that changes our conversations

The future is already here, and it’s called artificial intelligence. Once again, Facebook has been a pioneering social network when it comes to launching its chatbots , a solution that allows brands to automate customer service. Recently, Facebook has allowed the use of chatbots to send advertising offers, opening a new way to do digital marketing hitherto unknown.

But artificial intelligence is not only in Facebook: telephone assistants, such as Siri, also open up a new avenue for us to interact with technology and brands. A trend  Mexico Phone Number List with a lot of future that the best marketers will start to take advantage of in 2017.

6) Content with an expiration date

Another of the great trends of 2016 has been Snapchat , a social network whose main characteristic is that its contents are ephemeral and “self-destruct” after a while. This not only has great privacy benefits, but is addictive in itself.

In a world saturated with noise, ephemeral content stands out and gets our attention creating a sense of urgency: now or never! If you put an expiration  TR Numbers  date on your content, you will achieve a more authentic and attractive brand. Although this format also presents its own challenges and risks, it is certainly worth making a place for it in your digital marketing strategies for 2017.


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