Click the transcript you want to

Check and correct transcription results Transcription tools are becom more and more accurate but the original text still has some errors such as spaces between characters and line breaks. After the transcription is complete check for any inaccuracies or typographical errors. Be sure to review the results and make minor adjustments such as it if necessary. This can be cumbersome but it saves a lot of time compar to typ everyth in manually so consider this the minimum process requir.

Be very careful about copyright

If you transcribe copyright material such as a Sweden WhatsApp Number Data book you are copy copyright material so please keep it for your personal use only. If you share a copi work with others or upload it to the Internet it will violate copyright laws and you will be subjectpenalties so you ne to be very careful. Use Convert Transcription Results to Files So far I have explain how to transcribe files. From here I will explain how to convert the transcription results into a file. If you want to convert your transcription into a file you can use Easily to share it as a file instantly. The follow describes the steps to use to output the transcription results to a file.

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On the home screen, click the

Transcript you want to convert to Egypt Phone Number List a file. Convert to a file and click. The Export button in the upper right corner. Click on the Export button and a pop-up screen will appear Click on. Data Format and select. Click Data Format and select the file name and options, then click the Export button to output the file. Click the Export button to output a file. The above is the process us to output the transcription results to a file.

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