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For example, if you want to learn a new field we recommend video learn apps for beginners. If you want to memorize English words we recommend word book apps. If you want to record your daily learn progress we recommend learn management apps. In addition, been an increas number of online courses and seminar learn opportunities recently. If you have a tool like this that automatically transcribes online meets you can review them later without hav to take notes in class.

It also saves time and helps you

Study efficiently. What kind of timeline do France Telegram Number Data you recommend for efficient learn? Set your ultimate goal and then set smaller goals to achieve that goal.  should be complet one page and one month in advance every day, etc. Next figure out how much time you can spend study in a day and make a detail plan bas on that time to achieve your goals. This is where it is effective to maintain focus us the Pomodoro Technique, which is divid into minute periods with short breaks in between. When is the best time to review.

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It is very important to review

What you have learn once and fix it as knowlge in your brain. It is said that the effective time to review is to review once or more in a short Azerbaijan Telegram Number List time on the second day after finish study. If you use a transcription application to convert online video materials and lectures into text you can easily view them at a time that is convenient for you. Summary In order for busy students and office workers to study well and produce results, it is important to shorten extra time as much as possible and improve efficiency.

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