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Featur Functions Sentiment Analysis and Speech Sentiment Analysis Display statistics of word frequency and subject words in the meet Visualize common words through word cloud Support Languages Japanese Rate Plan Free I recommend this hotel Only text data can be us dur the meet without sav People who want to analyze the common topics and emotions of meet participants in real time. The official website record system has a transcription and it function.

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Transcribe audio and video files with one click. It is a  Malaysia WhatsApp Number List popular browser tool abroad. The main function is video it but you can easily convert audio files and video files to text and download in formats like and just by upload on the website. The downside is that is available in English. It can be a little difficult to use compar to Japanese tools. In addition, although the accuracy of speech recognition is said to be high, the accuracy of Japanese may be slightly lower. But I think it would be convenient for some people like be able to it the transcript like podcast content.

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Formats such as video story video video video  Canada Telegram Number   etc. subtitles into Japanese and English. supportLanguage official website is only in English but the transcription language also supports Japanese rate plan free minute subtitles basic hour subtitles dollar month hour subtitles dollar month business hour subtitles dollar month I recommend this hotel to people who want to it videos and create automatic subtitles in a short time How about Master English Online Tools Official Website Easy-to-operate.

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