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Tips for Improv the Accuracy of Speech Translation for Online Meets I introduc an online meet translation tool that I was hav trouble with because the translation wasn’t done as expect. First of all, the speak voice cannot be recogniz and it is impossible to translate. I think a lot of people are in trouble. But it is not an online meet translation tool. You may encounter bad situations dur online meets. Next we’ll introduce three tips to improve the accuracy of speech translation for online meets.

Hold a meet in a quiet place If the

Meet is held in a noisy environment such as external  Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List ambient sounds or surround conversations, the conference voice will not be accurately recogniz. Specifically your own speech may be translat choppily or surround speech may be translat. So if you hold meets in a quiet environment. With as little ambient noise and surround dialogue as possible the accuracy of the translation will improve significantly. Create a system that does not speak at the same time.

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If multiple speakers in a conference

Speak at the same time, the online conference Singapore Whatsapp Number List  translation tool may not be able to separately identify the speech content, result in inaccurate translation.  a mechanism to prevent multiple people from speak at the same time. For example, do not interrupt someone in a translation meet or do not raise your hand when speak. In addition, accuracy can be improv more effectively if a moderator, secretary and other responsible persons are designat and a mechanism is us to prevent multiple people from speak at the same time.

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