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The basic concept of the first is to build an asynchronous programming library based on the use of coroutines to implement asynchronous operations. Compared with the traditional blocking asynchronous, it allows the program to perform other tasks while waiting for the operation to complete, thereby significantly improving the concurrent processing capabilities of the application. It provides two main components, the client and the server. The client allows us to initiate asynchronous requests and the server can handle concurrent requests.

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The main features of the second are that asynchronous request processing implements non-blocking asynchronous operations through the use of and keywords.  the utilization of system resources when handling a large number of concurrent requests. Support native support protocols to facilitate the development saudi arabia phone number of real-time communication applications. Allows the establishment of a full-duplex communication channel between the client and the server, which is suitable for real-time applications such as chat rooms and online games. Routing and middleware provide a flexible routing mechanism that can easily define paths and processing functions.

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The advantages of the third

At the same time, it also supports middleware that can perform specific operations at different stages of request processing, such as authentication logging. with a variety of template engines such as to facilitate the construction of dynamic web content. Client-side session management supports session management to Algeria Phone Number List maintain session status between multiple requests. This is particularly useful for requests that require login authentication.  are high concurrency performance thanks to the asynchronous programming model that can efficiently handle a large number of concurrent requests and is suitable for high-traffic network application scenarios.

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