Knowing who makes up your target is essential

So if your ads are successful… how do we link them to your marketing goals? Gmail Ads are not only a great advertising platform, but they are also a great way to promote and advertise content. These types of ads have great potential to not only keep your business competitive, but also propel it to a new level of online presence. When we compare the most popular and effective lead generation methods, email marketing tops nearly 87% of all B2B (business-to-business) marketers, according to Business 2 Community This fact makes Gmail Ads ideal due to its massive user base.

  • Track your success : There are a wide variety of digital marketing analytics that you can use to help develop and improve your digital marketing campaigns. Are you new to Gmail? No problem. You can use this same software to track and analyze trends within the email system you used to use before or use today.
  • Recycle Successful Strategies : Find out what works and squeeze all the juice out of it! It is highly recommended to reuse at specific moments the keywords that led you to success in the past.

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2# Use Emojis in your emails

Still need a way to make the subject line of your emails stand out? Try using Emojis! Due to the large number of emails that users receive daily, it is very difficult for marketers to stand out from their competitors.

According to B2C, the percentage of emails that users open is between 20% and 25%*. With such a limited open rate, the percentage of those who generate any type Saudi Arabia Phone Number List  of interaction are even lower. Using emojis is a great solution for email marketing, and with this small change to your campaign, your emails are more likely to stand out and receive a high level of engagement.

The promotion of Emojis towards user interaction

B2C also points out that the use of emoticons increases, on average, the opening of emails by 30% . In simpler terms, if 30% more users open your emails, chances are high that those emails will convert into interactions with potential customers. Those interactions can then turn into purchases of your product or service, or a visit to your business home.

In short, it is very important that your call to  TR Numbers action is specific and easy for your audience to understand. Emoticons can be used in a multitude of cases, just make sure they are relevant and appropriate to your industry.

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