Take advantage of big data and artificial intelligence to sell more

The star example of using this digital marketing trend is Amazon, which uses its powerful algorithms to create highly personalized recommendations and generate new leads.

But the power of artificial intelligence in marketing does not end here, far from it. AI-powered solutions can help you optimize many aspects of your marketing , from decision making to social media ad buying. In short, these types of tools make the life of your team easier and make it easier for humans to dedicate ourselves to the tasks that we are best at, such as creativity.

8) Increase reality

Augmented reality uses digital technology to superimpose information in video image or text format on everyday objects in the real world. The most typical example, with which this technology made headlines, is the game Pokemon Go!

Remains to be explored in the use  France Phone Number List of augmented reality in marketing. But the possibilities are most promising: imply information to spaces and objects, recreate products virtually or even create digital packaging.

9) Look for recommendations

If you had to buy a new car, would you trust more in a television commercial or the opinion of a good friend?

The Internet has democratiz communication. And with it has given rise to the rise of recommendations. Opinion sites proliferate. And users use social networks to TR Numbers share their views on countless products and services. More and more users are seeking opinions before purchasing a product or service.


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