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It is expect that online courses will continue to expand in the future, support by chang times such as faster internet spes and the spread of personal computers, smartphones. What types of online courses are there? Online courses are mainly divid into three types. Each has its own characteristics so let’s understand it properly and choose accord to each situation and purpose. On-demand delivery On-demand is a format where students can watch and study pre-record course videos at any time.

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In a variety of formats such as actual lecture records New Zealand Telegram Number Data of lecturers, animations and TV shows. Students visit dicat websites such as video shar websites and watch videos. The advantage is that you can learn at your own pace without worry about what’s go on around you, and you can rewatch the parts you’re not good at to deepen your understand. Live delivery distribution is a format that uses a distribution service to deliver class images in real time at a set time.

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Restrictions but can attend classes in a format Colombia Telegram Number List similar to in-person classes because they share the same time slot as their teacher. If there are a large number of registrations for face-to-face courses, the number of students may be limit because the venue cannot accommodate all the students. However with online courses you don’t have to worry about the numbers so even popular courses are easy to attend. Interactive Class Interactive Class is a class conduct us online conferenc tools, etc. distributes videos unilaterally but also students can communicate.

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