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Essential Features Real-time. Transcription Features Text Translation Features Data Sharing and Export Features Recommend. Points Simple and easy-to-understand design High-quality transcription Accuracy of  or better There are many features beyond transcription to simplify your work. Rate Plan Free Plan Free Premium Plan Yen Yue Business Plan. Yen Yue Corporate Plan Inquiry I recommend this hotel Those who are looking for a highly accurate meeting recording tool.

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Meeting minutes creation tool with rich India Number Data features Refer to the official website Aijiji Six. Accurate Meeting Minutes. Overview It is a high-precision meeting minutes creation tool design for linking with other services. The ability to easily share information in conjunction with a wide range of business tools is a highlight. There is also an app version available in addition to the web version but both can be us while sharing recording data so you can use it optimally depending on your environment. Basic functions Real-time transcription function Translation function.

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Points High-precision transcription by artificial Bahrain Phone Number List intelligence is possible Easily share information by linking with many tools There is a free trial period of 1 week to try Rate plan Free plan Free individual plan yen yen month team plan day Yuan Yue Business Plan Ten Thousand Yuan Yue I recommend this hotel to people who frequently use multiple tools.  a meeting minutes creation tool for their work. Refer to the official website. The automatic memo meeting minutes creation tool overview is a meeting minutes creation tool. Tool It uses the speech recognition model Whisper to transcribe natural words.

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