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How to use notes. When us a notebook you just write down. What you want to answer. Is a big plus. However if you record with a laptop on your desk your eyes will go back and forth between the laptop on your desk and the camera and the interviewer will notice you are read the competition so be careful. It is necessary to come up with methods such as cutt. What is written in the notebook into small pieces and stick them next to the camera.

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Can speak about one word per minute. So USA WhatsApp Number List in order to promote yourself per minute. Please adjust the number of words to about one word. Points to note when us in video interviews Next we will introduce four points to note when us in record. See this if you are plann to participate in a video interview or if you are consider us a competition in your video interview.

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Increase the distance between

You and the camera When play with a Mexico Email List  laptop your eyes will inevitably move to read the play. So if you are closer to the camera the interviewer will see that you are read the match. To prevent this from happen keep a certain distance from the camera. So it is difficult for people to  movements. Place the sign next to the camera. As mention above when you are us a notebook or sticky notes to create contrast place it as close to the camera as possible.

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