Wage portage contracts

Wage portage missions are based on a tripartite relationship between the employee carried, his client and his portage company. Several types of contracts govern this system, including the employment contract (CDI or CDD) and the mission contract.

The work contract

The relationship between the ported employee and his wage portage company is defined by an employment contract. In accordance with the Labor Code, its clauses are similar to those of an ordinary contract. The wage portage employment contract indicates in particular:

  • the amount of salary,
  • its date of payment,
  • the identity of the employee carried,
  • the length of his trial period,
  • the frequency of its activity reports.

As with any company, the employment contract of a carried employee can be a CDI (open-ended contract) or a CDD (fixed-term contract).

In the case of a CDD in wage portage, the contract is renewable twice, but its total duration must remain less than 18 months.

Only a wage portage company can sign an  Afghanistan Phone Number List employment contract with a consultant. The status of salaried employee only exists within specialized companies.

Termination of the commercial contract with the customer

Any breach of contract is subject to a procedure governed by law. For the wage portage mission contract, the rights of the employees carried are comparable to those of other employees on fixed-term contracts.

Why break a mission contract?

Several factors justify the termination of an ongoing commercial contract. In wage portage, a break is often explained by missing skills, a communication problem or professional differences.

It happens that a company targets the wrong profile for a service. She selects a consultant who does not have the appropriate skills. The employee carried breaks the contract to devote himself to other missions. It allows the client company to look for another freelancer in wage portage.

Other times, the freelancer fails to communicate with his client. He does not answer his questions, or gives him imprecise instructions. The carried consultant wishes the termination of the contract, because his work is not progressing.

Another scenario: during a long-term wage TR Numbers  portage mission, the company changes its strategy. The spirit of the mission changes, and the work provided becomes obsolete. The freelancer breaks his commercial contract, because his profile no longer corresponds to the expected services.

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