Compare your salary according to portage companies

One of the best ways to optimize your salary, when you are a carried employee, is to take an interest in the optimization devices offered by the various carrying companies. Indeed, each of these companies has very specific mechanisms, such as the possibility of obtaining restaurant tickets, pre-financed CESU checks or holiday vouchers.

Looking into the various services and Compare your optimization mechanisms offered by umbrella companies will then allow you to identify the interlocutor who will make you earn more.

Today in France there are very many wage portage companies

Comparing your salary according to the umbrella companies is then essential to identify the company that will offer the best remuneration according to your profile, the number of missions you do in the month, your average daily rate and your gross income.

The vast majority of carrier companies allow you to calculate and estimate your net income as part of a carrier mission using a simulator. This simulator then takes into account your invoicing, but also your professional expenses, management costs as well as the amount of social and employer contributions in order to provide you with a net salary.

For example, the ABC Portage simulator allows you to expect decreasing management fees based on your turnover. This can be set at 5% for a turnover equal to or greater than 25,000 euros.

The STA Portage simulator allows you to calculate your net income in the context of wage portage while having access to interesting salary optimization solutions, such as teleworking costs, the PEE, the PERCO or even securities restaurants.

Portageo , on the other hand, makes a simulator available to freelancers that allows them to identify the amount they must charge for wage portage to represent a real advantage.

Finally, Cegelem will prove to be one of the  Compare your  wage portage companies with the lowest management fee rate, around 4% of your total billing. This  Czech Republic Phone Number List makes it possible to hope for a higher salary than with other companies for missions whose invoicing is particularly substantial.

Our tip for calculating your salary in wage portage

Wage portage can prove to be particularly interesting for certain freelancers who wish to benefit from the advantages of a CDD or a CDI and who wish to entrust the administrative, financial and accounting management of their activity to a portage company.

However, identifying the costs  Compare your  of this solution is essential. To do this, perform online simulations using the salary simulators of the various  TR Numbers portage companies that exist.

Be that as it may, wage portage appeals to more than one and there are many who wish to become freelancers and exercise their activity within the framework of wage portage.

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