Participates In Important Activities Or Events

Similarly When He Releases New Songs,  That Attract Widespread Attention, The Baidu Index Will Also Rise Significantly. Regional Distribution Analysis Through The Regional Distribution Data Of Baidu Index, We Can See Xiao Zhan’s Influence Across The Country. The Data Shows That Xiao Zhan’s Fans Are All Over The Country, Especially In First-tier Cities And Economically Developed Areas. The Search Popularity Is Higher. This Reflects Xiao Zhan’s Extensive Influence As A Top Artist. 2. Xiao Zhan’s Fan Portrait.

The Age Structure Of The Fan Group

According To Baidu’s Data Analysis, Xiao Overseas Chinese Zhan’s Fans Are Mainly Concentrated In The Age Group Of 20 Years Old. This Group Has Strong Consumption Power And Social Media Activity. The Analysis Of The Age Structure Of Fans Is Of Great Reference Value For Brands When Choosing Spokespersons. Gender Ratio From Baidu’s Search Data, Xiao Zhan’s Fans Are Mostly Female.

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The High Concentration Of Female Fans

Shows Xiao Zhan’s Great Appeal Among The Female Group, Which Also Explains Why He Can Become The Spokesperson For Many Female Consumer Brands. Interest Analysis Baidu Data Also Shows That Xiao Zhan’s Fans Have A Wide Range Of Interests, Including Film And Television Entertainment, Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Food And Other Fields. This Shows Afghanistan Phone Number List That Xiao Zhan Is Not Only Influential In The Entertainment Industry, But Also Leads The Direction Of Fans’ Interests In Lifestyle And Consumption Trends. Three Xiao Zhan.

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