Dealing with the ubiquity of paper documents

The development of optimal mobile applications, made for scanning documents with many useful features, has become widely democratized in recent years.

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you were looking for an Android or iOS app to scan documents or photos with your smartphone. But what are the real benefits and features of scanner apps ?

In recent years, despite a broad trend focused on the digitization of many services, the paper document is still legion in many cases of use. Whether it’s an employment contract, receipts to send expense reports or even a lease, these important documents in our everyday life are, most of the time, in paper format. .

Now, the development of mobile-friendly scanner apps is a game-changer. We can scan any type of document whenever we want thanks to our mobiles, and centralize all these documents on our smartphones to avoid losing them.

The simplicity of scanning documents with your phone

The period when we absolutely had a printer-scanner to scan and send documents is over, and fortunately!

Do you remember how scanning a simple document could sometimes take us a good 10 minutes? Because you had to turn on the scanner, predefine the dimensions of the scanned document on the computer, adjust the brightness if necessary before scanning… A sometimes complicated maneuver to obtain files that are far too large as a bonus.

Today, you can scan documents or photos  Bahamas Phone Number List when you have a smartphone anywhere, anytime. The simplicity that smartphone scanner apps offer us is priceless.

Having all of our precious documents available on the phone also means being able to keep our data and secure our information.

Document retouching made easy by scanning apps

When you take a photo of a document, in order to scan it with a scanner app , the app will allow you to crop your photo. In some cases, it will even do it for you automatically by detecting the edges of your document or photo.

Photo editing is also a very useful feature. The app will make your photo look as much like a scanned document as possible. In addition to that, it increases the contrast between white and black so that the writing on the document stands out better and is more readable.

Some scanner apps even allow you to change the  TR Numbers paper color of your document or photo. It’s up to you to choose the shade you prefer.

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