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The trick is to put it in the middle of the interview rather than ask it at the beginn. Clos question This is a format that limits the scope of the other person’s response. For example, which one do you prefer? Do you like the product? When you want to check facts. When you want to figure the other person thinks. You can get clear information in black and white. This is an easy question format to use right after the interview begins or as an icebreaker. Yet sometimes the conversation just ends with a back and forth and the conversation doesn’t spread.

If you use it too often it can give

The impression that you are ask the question  Tunisia WhatsApp Number List  in a one-sid way. If you do use clos questions be careful to use them as little as possible. When us it you ne to anticipate the next question and keep the conversation flow. Understand Frames Consider the structure of the frame when creat the structure of your problem. Specifically when where what why which how how much After classify the problem as above apply the framework to each category and rethink the problem. There are many questions you can ask.  category has unmatch content.

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Talk about the past, present and

Future When interview we should first China Email List pay attention to the process of ask about the present. Talk about the present is easy for the other person to talk about. However, when talk about the past and future the other person may get lost in thought until you answer. The present is the past and the future is If the flow of the interview is from the present to the past and the future, it will be easier for the other party to speak and you may get an easy-to-understand explanation.

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