Our greater productivity will not only

Our organizations of tomorrow will hold their team and workgroup meetings virtually. And there will be no physical workspace to “manage”. Because the workgroups will be small, and semi-autonomous, like franchises. Multi-level management structures will not be appropriate. These comments just barely scratch the surface of the topics that. I have raise here. The approaches are intende to be provocative examples that will require further systematic analysis and demonstration.

As we continue to engage

in the deficit-debt debate, we nee to contribute to the solution. Not just remain part of the problem. As is almost always the case. Simply arguing in the negative that something should not be done or should not be change will not australia phone number produce a viable solution. Creating a new framework. Base in social and technical innovation, will clearly be necessary. In fact, probably only by innovating. In our training and our practice will we be able to move the issue forward in a productive way in the behavioral health field.

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Thus, rather than just being reactive

And simply arguing that entitlement programs should not be cut, we from behavioral health must go forth with a much bolder agenda. We must seek today’s training with today’s training methods for our consumers and Argentina Phone Number List ourselves, and we must change our own antiquate organizational structures that are far too top-heavy and far too inefficient. Both of these steps will make us much more competitive, cost-efficient, and mission effective.  contribute to the improvement of the U.S. economy, it will also make entitlement dollars go much, much farther.

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