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What is Space Summary from Basic Usage to Conditions of Use Kun Minute Table of Contents What is Space Benefits of Space Basic Utilization of Space Useful Features of Space Latest Version Changes Space FAQ Don’t miss Space with Transcription Share this by experienc the format The article has been available since 2001 and the service has been updat year by year and continuously develop so that various functions can be us. Among them, the space that was officially launch in this article is introduc in detail.

What are Spaces? Twitter’s

Spaces feature is a feature that allows real-time Belgium WhatsApp Number Data  distribution and conversation us voice on Twitter. Participants can also join spaces where topics can be discuss as well as directly message other participants. Class Space User User Details What you can do Host Space creator Speak in the space Exit space Invite speakers Remove users to manage requests Co-host People who are invit by the host and can do the same ths as the host. Most people.

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Speak in a Space Invite Speakers

Manage Request Speakers  to speak in a Malaysia Whatsapp Number List  space by a host or co-host. Talk in Space Listener You can listen to what is be said in space. Anyone can participate regardless of whether they have an account. Unable to speak Benefits of send request space Advantages Real-time real-time voice chat allows viewers to communicate more smoothly with the host. The host can receive feback from the audience, such as discuss topics and answer questions, and the audience can also hear the host’s thoughts. Expand communication You can expand communication with many people.

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