Include “negative” keywords

Advertising agencies allow you to indicate keywords searched by your prospects. But you can also indicate terms that do not interest you. The objective is to better qualify your target. Again, this strategy will decrease the click-through rate, but increase conversions.

For example, if you offer a paid service, you can put “free” in the negative words. This avoids attracting Internet users who want a free tool at all costs (no pun intended!).

A real estate agency can also put the words “rent” or “rent” in negative terms, when it wishes to sponsor advertisements of properties for sale.

4. Integrate geofencing strategy

Geofencing converts highly qualified prospects and local consumers .
The principle ? You create a virtual barrier around a specific area, such as a college campus, a competing business, or your physical store.

When a user enters this zone, they are automatically added to a remarketing audience. You can then send him specific ads to convert him later.

This digital advertising strategy offers Croatia Phone Number List  your business a new, innovative and powerful way to reach your target audience.

5. Gamify your ads

Interactive experiences help capture the attention of your targets, drive engagement, and most importantly, convert them.

Gamification takes web advertising to a whole new level and increases the conversion rate of your ads To succeed with this strategy:

  • Define your objectives: what do you expect from your digital advertising? Do you want to increase brand awareness or boost sales? This will help you determine your game’s features and storyline.
  • Use a familiar game concept: cards, a race, a game of goose… If the user takes the game easily, you increase your chances of conversion even more.
  • Innovate: this can be through the use of new technology such as augmented reality.
  • Create games compatible with all devices: some  TR Numbers users will play on mobile, others on desktop, remember that.

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