The leader of the criminal gang

Becoming fertile land it will be hostile to the country’s drug traffickers. Burridge asserted that it was a very important success for our government. That we were able to deport them so quick. An Air Force plane has land a drug trafficker whose fami has also been. In Ecuador following a series of cases. This was an operation of high precision, quality and national pride.

Franco pledged that his administration

Was determin to protect Argentin and show Thailand Phone Number List the world. That Argentina would not become a den for criminals or members of criminal families. He concluded. José Adolfo Fito Macias, was involv in a prison break a few days ago to evade Ecuadorian. Authorities and was captur in August and transferred to a maximum security prison. His criminal record for drug trafficking, organized crime and homicide underlines his status as one of the region’s most wanted men.

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Elite local police units and state

Forces arrested relatives and associates of Macias, who had taken refuge in the town of Maragueño. In an operation carried. Out around Thursday night in Ivory Coast Phone Number List the Argentine province of Córdoba. The detainees include Indamariela Penalita Tuares. The drug dealer’s wife, who is allegedly linked to the murder of an Ecuadorian prosecutor. The detainees were deported in record time on a Fokker aircraft of the Argentine Air Force at around 1:00 am today. Coordinated by the Ministry of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces.

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