6 infallible tactics to generate engagement in the travel sector

The new habits of information consumption have radically changed the way of traveling before, during and after the holidays:Before : Where years ago travel agencies were king, now more and more users plan their trips themselves using online tools. Many research all aspects of their vacations in advance, from places to visit to restaurants and accommodations. When making a decision, the opinions of other travelers play a key role. And in addition to researching and planning, it is increasingly common for accommodation reservations, tickets to tourist attractions and management of all kinds of services to be made online.

  • During : Holidays are for disconnecting… but thanks to Wi-Fi and roaming, travelers continue to use their mobile phones even when abroad. This makes it easier for them to make decisions on the spot based on online information, instead of resorting to tourist information stands or travel guides.
  • After : no need to bring the whole family together to bore  UK Phone Number List them for two hours projecting slides… Social networks, recommendation pages and travel forums make it easier than ever to share our experiences.

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Some data on engagement in the travel sector

Before moving on to the recommendations for creating engagement, let’s look at some figures from the study “The Modern Traveler: A Look at Customer Engagement in the Travel Industry”, carried out by SDL:

  • 69% of travelers try to disconnect as much as possible when on vacation.
  • Almost a third of those surveyed (32%) admit to sharing stories and photos of their experiences on social networks, but they prefer to do so after returning. Moral of the story: don’t expect travelers to send photos of every
  • 83% say they prefer to receive notifications about their trip by email .
  • 78% book their trips online.
  • 84% consider that having a positive online experience is “important” or “very important”.
  • 59% of users use mobile applications while traveling. The three most popular types are maps (42%), transportation-related apps (27%), and communication-related apps (27%).
  • When it comes to solving problems that arise during the trip, 53% prefer to use a web page instead of sending emails, talking on the phone or going to a travel agency.
  • More than half of those surveyed (53%) rely primarily  TR Numbers  on friends and family to make their travel decisions. Even so, 85% read opinions online.
  • 44% of users say they respond to brand satisfaction surveys after their trip, and 27% post comments about brands in the travel sector on social networks.

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