Social media marketing and SEO to improve your Google Page Rank

Creating quality content is the best bet for both your SEO and social media marketing .Google Page Rank loves websites that publish content regularly, especially if it is properly organized and keyword optimized. On the other hand, you need content to feed your social networks and encourage users to interact and share. So you have no excuses for not investing in this aspect.

2) Create links between your channels

Your website can feed your social media marketing , and vice versa. For example:

  • Include social sharing buttons in each of your posts. Look for an attractive design, preferably with large icons, and that is easily visible on mobile devices.
  • You can also add a “call to action” type message to encourage users to share at the end of each post.
  • Link to your website in a visible way in the profiles of your social networks.
  • Offer incentives to your followers in the networks so that they visit your website.

3) Look for ways to attract followers

Did you know that Google Page Rank takes into account the followers of a brand on social networks? It’s the whiting that bites its tail: quality content encourages users to interact with your brand on the networks and start following your profiles. In turn, this leads to more frequent updates and engagement, and the visibility of these actions ultimately attracts new followers.

4) Don’t forget to interact

To improve your Google Page Rank, you not only have to know how to attract new followers, but also keep their attention.

If you post great content as part of your social media  TR Numbers marketing, but then ignore your followers, you’re only doing half the job. Listening to your followers and engaging with them improves your online presence and positions you as an authority in your industry.

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