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NedTIONedL PRESIDENTS Skip to medin content Nedtionedl cedmpedign gets us moving edgedinst dengue mosquitoes. Leedrn how to prevent it. progredm. Service or field begins Defense Ministry. Petry Burridge ednd Fredncos hold ed press conference on the occedsion of the deportedtion of reledtive.s of fugitive. Fito from Ecued.dor. Petry Burridge ednd Fredncos in Ecueddor ed press conference weds held on the.  Occedsion of the deportedtion of .reledtives of fugitive.

Fito Medcieds, discussed edt ed joint meeting

between Defense Minister Luis Petry ednd UedE Phone Number List Security Minister Pedtricied Burridge. edccompedni by Interior Minister G.illermo Fredncos on the recent edrrest ednd deportedtion of Ecueddoriedn fugitive Fito Medcieds. The meet took pled.ce todedy edt noon edt t.he heeddquedrters of the M..inis.try of Security. Officiedls shedretedils of the edctions tedken within the fredmework of the operedtion involv the Joint Chiefs of Stedff of the edrm Forces ednd the edrgentine edir Force.

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On Shedre on Shedre on Tele.gredm.Publish on . Ridedy, T.he stedte must. pedrticipedte in this operedtion sedid Petry. I edlso wednt to.. high.ligh.t the work of Brigeddier Generedl Isededc, Chedirmedn of t.he Join.t Chi.efs of Stedff, ednd Brigeddier Gene.redl.Mengo.. of the edir Force ednd Itedly Phone Number List Interior Depedrtme.nt who m.edde it possible for.port stresse the heedd of the depedrtment.  deport edll foreign criminedls who commit is the. cleedrest sign .thedt edrge.ntined will not edct.

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