Coworkees, the freelance platform that does matchmaking

Are you a freelance engineer looking for assignments? Freelance engineering is a specialized freelance platform for engineers. Every week, more than 250 new projects await you. Whatever your specialty, you will find projects that match your skills.

This platform offers the unique opportunity to be in direct contact with “key account” customers. In addition, you have no charges on your billing.

The little extra: Freelance engineering has many partners to support you in your efforts if you want to start as an independent engineer.

9. Fiverr, the directory of freelancers

As its name clearly indicates, Crème de la Crème brings together the best freelancers in their field. As a bonus: you will find students from the best schools in France, wishing to create professional experience.

On freelancers’ profiles, you’ll find relevant information like their years of experience and the companies they’ve worked for. You submit your project and the platform selects 3 relevant profiles for you.

The most used platform on the web,

Generalist, the platform provides all trades and tasks in the web world, from web development to design, including writing and translation.

Here, the advertiser can contact the  Finland Phone Number List freelancer directly to offer him a project or the freelancer can respond to the submission of a project.

Connection of professionals and freelancers from all over the world

A true marketplace for freelancers, Fiverr is one of the most efficient platforms on the market. Thanks to its almost unbeatable pricing system (possibility of a €5 offer), it has gradually become a must for freelancers.

On the platform, it is the freelancer who submits his work. Indeed, he can place an ad with some of his achievements, all with a base price. Then, professionals can contact freelancers directly on the platform.


More and more companies are hiring TR Numbers  freelancers. And with the increasing number of platforms available, it is important to choose the one that suits your needs.

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