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Word registration function allows you to register commonly us service names and company terms Recommend points Very simple that anyone can use easily  meeting content is automatically summariz, content can be shar smoothly. Strong security measures such as log retention period settings and address limits for the management screen Rate plan Free trial Free starter plan JPY 1 month Standard plan JPY 1 month Startup plan 10,000 JPY a month I recommend this

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By introducing meeting records Tools for those Singapore Number Data who want to improve work efficiency. Those who prefer simple and easy-to-use tools rather than complex tools, please refer to the official website for an overview of the voice meeting minutes automatic creation tool. It is an automatic meeting minutes creation tool that focuses on Japanese expressions. Use natural language processing technology to transcribe the input speech into natural Japanese. In addition, since it automatically divides paragraphs, it can automatically create paragraphs that are easy for anyone

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Additionally you can create summaries Belgium Phone Number List in collaboration with Quickly understanding the whole without having to read all the long text so you can expect to significantly ruce your work time. Basic functions Automatic transcription function Text iting function Transcription result file output function Recommend points You can automatically transcribe into Japanese without feeling uncomfortable. so it can be link to many services. The slider function that synchronizes text and speech allows you to find only the part you want to hear, even in long recording files.

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