How to increase and retain your customer base

The CTR is one of the basic metrics in the world of SEM: the percentage of users who click on an ad compared to the total number of impressions. This is one of the key indicators of user interest in an ad , which is why AdWords considers it one of the pillars of quality.

Of course, we are talking about the whiting that bites its tail: the higher your ad is in the search results, the more users will click and the higher the CTR and Quality Score will go up. So to start turning the wheel in your favor, try these tips:

  • Use capital letters wisely . It’s not advisable to put your entire ad in all caps or make your headlines as if you were speaking in English, but you can strategically use capital letters to highlight keywords (for example, in URLs).
  • Includes all optional extensions (text, location, call…). The more information your ad contains, the more compelling it will be.
  • Don’t forget the calls to action . They can be that little impulse that leads the user to click.
  • Do A/B tests . You already know that in marketing, experimenting is the only way to discover what works for your brand.

2) Take care of your keywords

Keywords are the “building blocks” on which your entire AdWords account rests. You should not only make a good initial selection (squeezing tools like AdWords Keyword Tool to the maximum), but also maintenance over time:

  • See which search terms have caused your ads to appear. So you can include negative keywords, refine the match or incorporate new options.
  • Make a good division into ad groups . The structure of AdWords accounts is essential. Subdivide as necessary until each ad group is relevant.

3) Optimize copy

The relevance of the ads is another key factor of the Quality Score. The texts have to achieve a balance between fully adapting to the keywords, faithfully reflecting what the user is going to find and being attractive to the user.

As with the interior point, it is important to fine-tune the ad group division to achieve maximum consistency between copy and keywords. And as always, A/B tests will help you try different elements until you find the ideal combination.

Of course, you can not rest on your laurels : even the  Italy Phone Number List best ad “burns” and becomes ineffective over time, so you have to update them periodically.

4) Take care of your landing pages

Another leg of the Quality Score is the user experience on the landing page. Does it load quickly? Is it intuitive to use? And above all, does it match the expectations of the TR Numbers  user and the keywords you have entered?

A good landing page will not only make you raisquality points, it is also necessary to achieve conversions and not lose the users that you have worked so hard to get, so it is worth spending time on it.

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