As part of a consulting mission

An independent consultant, whatever his field, is called upon to give advice and a roadmap to his client.If the latter applies the consultant’s strategy and it does not work as expected, he can turn against the freelancer claiming that his part of the contract has not been fulfilled, or even worse, that he has harmed his activity.

As part of a mission “on the ground”

A freelancer in the world of construction may be required to employ labor to help him on a construction site. Let’s imagine that one of the employees is injured… It is the professional insurance that will cover the medical costs and any ITT.

Similarly, if, during the construction site, the Cameroon Phone Number List freelancer or one of his service providers commits damage, it is this protection that will allow the client to be compensated.

In the event of an accident caused by the freelancer

You are a freelance photographer or videographer. During an event, a guest trips over the cables of your electronic devices and hurts himself. You will be responsible, but your professional insurance will cover the medical expenses .

We can also take the example of a client who is injured during a training session given by a sports coach or a yoga teacher. Once again, it is your protection that TR Numbers will cover the compensation, medical and/or legal costs .

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