Our selection of tools to collect feedback

Have you just launched your website, online service or mobile application? Collecting the opinions of customers and users is useful for improving the interface and guaranteeing their satisfaction! A crucial point for the notoriety of your company, but also the growth of your activity.

How do I receive feedback? Hire a freelance Our  developer to set up a review system on your site or application.


There are several types of tools to get your users’ ratings. From the simple questionnaire builder to the widget to integrate on your site, through complete and intelligent tools, discover our top 15 feedback tools!

1. Feedier: a tool to centralize feedback

With Feedier , you create surveys in just a few clicks to get feedback from your customers.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, available in Our  French, you centralize answers, scores and other notes to obtain detailed reports. These visual reports thus facilitate your decision-making by helping you to immediately see the points for improvement.

The practical aspect of Feedier is El-Salvador Phone Number List to automate the collection of customer comments by email or SMS. In addition, you can connect your other tools (CRM, ERP, marketing platform, etc.) to go even further in your analyzes and reports.

You can also consult our list of feedback tools to choose the right solution for your needs!

Used by companies like Mercari, Toyota or Carrefour, the platform allows you to automatically collect the opinions of your customers after a purchase, a download Our  or a subscription. You quickly know the feedback from your consumers to continuously improve your offers and products.

Specially developed for Salesforce, GetFeedback  TR Numbers integrates perfectly with this CRM. However, nothing prevents you from using it if you go through another software.

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