Augmented reality is (finally) here

One of the biggest surprises this year in the world of online marketing has been the success of Pokémon Go. This application unleashed a real craze among users, made the front pages of all media and earned revenue of 10 million dollars a day.

A few months later, the enthusiasm for Pokémon Go has waned, but it has taught us a most interesting lesson: users are now ready to incorporate augmented reality into their lives, and the potential to generate benefits with it is enormous. That’s why Forbes predicts that this year we’ll see more brands launch augmented reality games and ads, as well as attempts to leverage apps already on the market.

2) Live video will take off

Users of social networks increasingly demand more content in real time , which allows them to see places and events to which they previously did not have access. Thanks to the increase in internet speed and the presence of mobile phones everywhere, live video has become one of the trends in online marketing and there are more and more applications and platforms that offer this type of experience.

Of course, live video has been gaining space in the market for years, but 2017 will be when it finally takes off and conquers more brands and users than ever before.

3) Data visualization will be increasingly essential

We experts in online marketing are incapable of living without data . We have access to more and more information about who buys what, when and why, and what are the most appropriate messages and channels to reach them.

But even the best analysts can have trouble understanding the vast amount of data available today. Our brains simply aren’t built to just crunch numbers. For this reason, it is necessary to put technology at our service through data visualization tools . In 2017 all  Malaysia Phone Number List companies will want to start using them, and those that do not will start at a disadvantage.

4) Native advertising will be more popular than ever

At Cyberclick we are already fans of native advertising , and this year its impact will not stop growing. As users demand more quality content and filter annoying ads through ad blockers , the effectiveness of native advertising will only increase.

For this reason, one of the most interesting online  TR Numbers  marketing trends for 2017 is the appearance of improved native advertising formats, as well as the incorporation of new brands into this market.

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