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Send reactions in a space Participate as a speaker from the Help Center If you want to show your reactions when participat in a space you can choose an emoji to show everyone how you feel. You can also view the reactions of other participants. There are three points to note about the changes in the latest version of the service space at the beginn, but it has been updat many times by this year.

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When the space service was launch, it could Cambodia WhatsApp Number Data  not be us unless the number of followers reach more than one person. However, as of this year, the service has been discontinu, so anyone can use it. Is there still archiv? At the beginn of the space service, there was no archiv and record function, but as of this year, the archiv function has been implement. After the space ends, you can watch it for up to a few days. Private accounts are not available.

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You can participate in the

Space as a listener or speaker even with a private  Philippine Whatsapp Number List account. be careful. Spaces FAQ What happens when you enter a space When you log in to a space you can see that you have join the space as a host or participant. You’ll also see that you’re participat in the space on your followers’ timelines. How to listen to a space without anyone know When join a space If you don’t want your followers or participants to know your account, don’t log inIn case of add space. Space Can Someone Ask is available to Space-only listeners and anyone can participate and listen whether they have an account or not.

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