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The prepar recorder may not work due to some kind of malfunction. If the errors we recommend us the application as a backup record device. Record and Record App Recommend Use is an automat transcription service that converts speech to text with highly accurate speech recognition. No matter the company or field, there are many users, more than 10,000 people in each company use it. There are various points of recommendation for Nota Conference Transcription.

Compatible with multiple devices

In addition to the web version, there is also an app version so you can use it on business trips or travels. In addition, it also supports record to facilitate record as Cameroon WhatsApp Number List a voice recorder. Instructions for us the video are below. Tags You can add tags even while record so you can see important content at a glance when you review it later. Data Synchronization Since the data is synchroniz, the contents of the business trip meet record on the smartphone can be it on the computer after return to the office. Auto-Transcription It also has an auto-transcription feature to convert conversations into text.

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Minutes and seminar reports. Translation Thailand Whatsapp Number List function In addition to record, it also has a translation function, so it is useful in various situations such as meets with overseas branches and business negotiations with users. Artificial Intelligence Summary With the summary function you can create a summary with one click, so you can efficiently create meet minutes and report on the train after the meet. This is also true.  free to use so please try it from the official website.

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