If multiple users speak at the same

In addition, if you are too close to the microphone. Alot of noise such as breath sounds will be input and may be recogniz. Therefore it is best to keep a fist-level distance. When speak. Hold a meet in a noise-free environment. If you are sneez, cough. Open or clos doors and clos doors, environmental sounds are mix in. It will not be possible to correctly identify what is be said. It is therefore important when hold a meet to ensure that the meet location is in a low traffic or enclos room such as a conference room. So that the meet can be held in a noise-free environment.

Create a mechanism to prevent

multiple users from speak at the same time. time  Estonia WhatsApp Number List dur a meet, the speech content cannot be accurately distuish and identifi. It is therefore important to create mechanisms such as rais hands when speak without interrupt the speaker in the meet, and to design mechanisms and devices that prevent multiple users from speak at the same time. In addition, if a person in charge such as a moderator or secretary is designat and they cooperate with the mechanism that multiple users do not speak at the same time, the real-time subtitle function will be able to run smoothly.

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It is recommend to use automatic

Transcription meet team live subtitles. I want to India Phone Number List use the live subtitles function. I want to transcribe more accurately even the smartphone version I want to transcribe in Japanese. If you think so we recommend an automatic transcription tool. It not only has high-precision translation and transcription functions, but also has a wealth of useful functions for work, such as screen record summary schule adjustment, etc.

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