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Possible ahead of time and organize what you want to hear.And prepare some questions to get this information. The interview time and transcription can go smoothly by thinking roughly ahead of time about the story of the interview article you want to create. Reference article Interview questions you can use now vary from person to person Change the interview style Even if you are fully prepar in advance, the interview often does not go as expect. This is because each respondent has a different personality and their emotions and states change from day to day.

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You are, you ne to be flexible during the interview to Australia Number Data extract the information you want to know. If the person is nervous start with small talk to put them at ease or if the person is speaking slowly get to the point as quickly as possible. Be prepar to ask questions and topics from all angles to gain important information while being careful not to tip things in your favor. Make the Most of Dicat Transcription Tools To simplify your interview transcription we recommend using a dicat transcription tool. Transcription is smoother and more accurate than handwriting.

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Done with very high accuracy using Algeria Phone Number List tools like AI speech recognition. you previously spent transcribing so you can spend your free time on other high-priority tasks which will greatly increase your productivity. It takes some getting us to the cost and operation but there are huge benefits to be gain from using this tool. You can transcribe using standard operating system tools such as or free tools but it is recommend to use a tool dicat to transcription as it is more accurate and requires less corrective work.

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